A container ship in the ocean

Structured systems to control hazardous materials onboard ships.

Safe recycling in compliance with the EU Ship Recycling Regulation (EU SRR).
And the Hong Kong Convention (HKC).

Our Service

hmi-GbR offers an experienced professional service, ensuring a pragmatic and effective IHM preparationand certification process. 

The hmi-GbR Team is prepared to provide the necessary support to reach the target. The process consists of the following five steps for unified application and comparable results:

Step 1:
Collection of necessary information, with utilisation of the indicative list

Step 2:
Assessment of collected information

Step 3:
Preparation of Visual / Sampling Check Plan (VSCP)

Step 4:
Onboard Visual / Sampling Check

Step 5:
Preparation of Part I of the IHM and related documentation

Your benefits are:

hmi-GbR has intensively been engaged with the EU Regulation on Ship Recycling and the Hong Kong Convention. Our Staff and our experienced fully approved HazMat Experts provide professional service world-wide for you.

Our Strengths:

Our strengths are what set us apart from our competitors.

Our team at your service is highly qualified, experienced, multilingual and multicultural able to meet your specific needs around the world!

The hmi-GbR team members are not just provide support, but help guide your projects with their knowledge and experience.

Trust on our competency and experience on the implementation of new standards in the shipping industry.